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Bear Viewing 

Guaranteed to see BEARS!!

Alaska Bear Viewing

Fly into the middle of the largest population concentration of brown bears in the world! Visit some of the most amazing places in Alaska where you can experience wild Alaskan brown bears in their natural habitat.


This is a wilderness tour. You'll walk along the same trails the bears do, sit on the same river banks as they do, and observe them as they go about their daily lives. There are no barriers, fences, or platforms separating you from the bears or other wildlife.


Depending on the time of year you come, you can expect to see the bears grazing on sedge grass, digging up clams, playing together, courting each other, resting, and fishing for salmon... or just strolling along!  

                Mid-May through mid-September..... These Alaskan brown bear safaris sell out, so book early!!


              Bears are the passion of your guides, who are committed to a sustainable experience.

              Tours follow strict 'leave no trace' policies and behave in ways that have the least impact on the bears and other wildlife.

               Your tour departs from the Homer airport and is led by guides who have years of Alaska flying experience and fantastic safety records.


               You will fly past ancient glaciers and active volcanoes along the rugged coastlines of Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park.


               Perfect for professional and amateur photographers, naturalists, wildlife viewers, National Park enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys spending time in a beautiful wilderness.

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